Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Beginning

Much like starting over in a new town, creating a new blog that no one knows about is somewhat refreshing. It gives you the chance to begin anew, and develop a persona that might not have been present before. The story I present to you now is one that involves myself though I will err from time to time, making this mostly autobiographical, but partially untrue.

I am 23 years young and I feel that I have a rather interesting life experience so far. Bouts of depression mixed with anxiety and rage have riddled my life, though I try to keep a positive air about me. I love to sing, and have a penchant for entertaining people, whether it be intentional or accidental. There are many intricacies to my life, and over the next while I plan to publish tales of the journeys and tribulations that have coalesced into my life story. Rather than bore everyone with details, I will attempt to intrigue with accounts of my experiences.

A number of things have happened to me throughout the course of my life, and throughout the next while, I plan to publish pieces on a most extraordinary experience I have had. I have had the unfortunate luck to fall in love with a fellow that doesn't seem to understand how deep my affection runs for him, and if he does, has decided that it is not what he wants. At this juncture, I do believe that I still love him, as I am wracked by depressive pains that leave me unable to do anything for moments at a time, but that I must absolve myself of this love through writing about my trials with him.

There is much else to me as well, but for now, I would like to entertain you with the details of an unrequited love, though not in the traditional sense.

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