Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Introspection of Self

At a time like this, I find myself wondering where I am headed, and where society as a whole will find itself in the next ten years. We are beginning to see the economic effects of "The Decider's" policies, along with the largest budget deficit (Approx. $492 Billion) in the history of this country. Will I be able to weather a downturn in the outlook of this country and help shape the future that I hope we may see here? The answer is yes, but as I am yet young and ill-connected, I find that my influence travels short distances and is centered in the friends I keep.

Rather than moping the fate of a doomed relationship, I have decided instead to turn this blog into an endeavor of excellence, whereby I may learn how better to write, and to speak my mind on such things as politics and issues, as well as whatever goals I challenge myself to.

Over the last few months I have gone through some lengthy introspection that has produced a lot of dissatisfaction, but not a whole lot of results; I guess that just makes me part of the broader problem in America today, but hopefully I can find a way to deviate from the norm and become an exception. I don't suppose that my writings on here will do anyone very much good, but it is always fascinating to discover another person's thoughts.

I have been trying to make my health more of a priority lately; I have an appointment for a physical soon, and I just had braces put on yesterday. I've already had braces once in my life, but I failed to use the retainers properly, thus leaving me with an undesirable gap between my two front teeth. Although it is small, it is nonetheless aggravating to me, and thus, out of my sense of vanity and wanting to better my physical self esteem, I engaged in getting braces again. As a side note, I also felt that they would help in my weight loss goals, as eating food is much more difficult with braces and takes longer, thus reducing the amount of food that may be eaten in a given amount of time.

I am planning a trip to visit Columbia University in October to check out the school and meet with the faculty. I don't know how good my chances of getting accepted are, but the program is small and I'll need every bit of leverage I can muster. I know what I want out of life, at least in respect to my career, and I won't settle for anything less than I feel I can accomplish.

I think this is enough reflection for one day, and I shall be back to visit soon.



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